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5 Things Customers Expect From Their Accountant’s Website

September 1st 2015

Businesses, what ever size they are, will eventually need the services of an accountant.  Limited Companies require an accountant by law, while sole traders will tend to look for the services of an accountant when their accounts become too complicated to process themselves.  Company accounts are daunting for most business owners, particularly when it comes to filing the annual tax return.  People can feel very protective of their accounts and need to believe that the accountant they hire is competent, trustworthy and is going to keep them regularly informed about the status of their company’s finances.

Here are five ways to make sure that your website is attractive to potential customers:-


What Is Your USP – Why Is Your Accounting Firm The Best For Them?

Accounting is a competitive business and there has to be a good reason why a customer will choose your firm over your nearest competitors.  Often accounting sites can seem very generic and impersonal so you need to present your services in a way that demonstrates that you understand your customers and their accounting needs. Highlight your strengths by presenting case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients.


Speak Plain English

People require accountants because the whole financial system is complicated and can cost a considerable amount of money if mistakes are made.  Your customers are not financial experts and if the language you use on your site contains too much jargon they will simply look for a site that is easier to understand.  By presenting your information in plain English you are demonstrating to your customer that they can delegate their accounts to you because you are approachable and will discuss their finances in a language they understand.


Mobile Friendly

Did you know that 80% of adults who access the internet use a smartphone to go online?  This means that your potential customers are likely to be looking for an accountant when they are out conducting their daily business.  It is extremely important that your website is responsive so that it functions successfully on smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. A responsive website not only makes navigating your site to find services simple and straightforward on a number of devices it also means that Google will not penalise you for not being responsive.


Use Your Blog To Give Advice

A blog is a very useful tool to reach out to customers by giving news about new legislation and advice that may help them to run their business more effectively.  Many business owners would like to know more about tax returns and what to do if faced with a financial audit.  People who are debating whether to be a Limited Company, buy a franchise or an existing business will need to know what decisions are involved.  By giving a little bit of information you are developing trust with potential customers, who will inevitably require help with the issues you have discussed.


Use Videos To Give Advice

Presenting your knowledge of legislation and explaining the services you provide needs to be quite varied as some of your potential customers glean more information from watching videos than reading text.  Also videos are a good format that can be shared on a number of social media sites and could be shared by a large number of people.

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