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What If Marty Came To The REAL 2015?

October 21st 2015

As it is October 21st 2015, the day Marty McFly travelled to in Back To The Future 2, AND it is officially Back To The Future day, we thought it would be good fun to take a trip back to 1985, and see how things might have been different….had Marty come to the REAL 2015, rather than the flying car and Hoverboard version of the movie.

Forget The Almanac


The cause of all that trouble was of course the Almanac that Old Biff took back to 1950, to give to young Biff.  In the real 2015 we really don’t think that Biff would have needed the Almanac at all.  He could have just printed out every sporting result, every major stock exchange fluctuation, and every notable event from the internet.

He could have even taken it to another level and stored the lot on an IPAD and taken that with him.  Might have freaked a few people out with an IPAD though…..

Not So Smart Phone


The makers were not too far from the mark when it comes to wearable tech.  Marty’s son can be seen wearing a Google-Glass type device, by JVC no less.  But ‘great Scott’ where are the smart-phones!?  Had Marty arrived to a world of smart phones and tablets, he might have actually been able to make use of the technology himself!  Instead the fax machine rules, and we see 2015 Marty struggling to intercept Faxes, instead of delete emails and txts.  That said, the sheer number of fax machines in his house leaves you wondering how many trees would have been left in not-so-paperless 2015.

You Call That A Hoverboard?

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 17.35.56

Despite every teenager of the 80’s waiting for the arrival of the Hoverboard…. and being promised it on numerous occasions…. it just hasn’t happened.  Instead 2015 saw the arrival, of what can only be described as the less flashy, less floaty, and far less cool M-Seg. With as much functionality as a chocolate fire-guard, and the horse power of 5 tortoise, we would have loved to see Marty McFly escape Biff and his gang on one of these!  In fact, it would have been a pretty short movie had Marty used one of these to try to escape….he would have lost his street credibility in the blink of an eye, along with the prospect of a third movie!  Had the M-Seg been all we had to look forward to for 30 years, this publisher dreads to think what horrible reality we might now be living in!

No Fingerprint – No Home

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 17.44.22

When the police find 1985 Jennifer asleep on the street, they smartly scan her finger, and get her future address.  Well we now have fingerprint tech, but it’s not quite so smart….yet.  In reality the police would have most likely taken her to the nearest station and locked her up for being drunk and disorderly.  The sub-plot would have taken  bit of a nose dive, but on a positive we might have avoided the terrible scene with the upside down George McFly.

Thinking about it…. they didn’t do too bad a job with predicting our reality 2015.  The worrying thing is, does the alternate 1985 of the movie bear more resemblance to 2015, than the predicted 2015 does?! Now there’s a question…..

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