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Is FLASH Running Your Website? Read On

November 18th 2015

It’s been on the cards for years, but Google have delivered the killer blow for Flash.  No, we are not talking about the Marvel Super Hero…..but the most hated piece of software ever spawned from a keyboard….. the villain of many a failed online venture……the evil nemesis of every coder in history….. Adobe Flash.

Flash has been around since the mid 90’s, and was once the industry standard way of producing fancy moving images on a web page.  However, the technology had its limitations, and became notorious for causing slow browser loading and poor performance. Sadly some designers invested heavily in the doomed technology, which meant its demise has been a slow and painful one for those of us trying to encourage people away for many years.

As well as removing the ability to auto-play flash animations on the Chrome Browser, Google have removed the ability to display Flash within Google Adwords, forcing all advertisers to move to the much more modern, and more functional HTML5 method.

Read the official announcement from Google here.

So, if your website contains Flash, it will no longer work on iPhones and IPads, it will no longer display on any device using Chrome, and your Flash advertisements will no longer display on the most popular online advertising platform on the planet….Adwords.

So what is the solution if your website still uses Flash?  In reality your website is most likely extremely dated if it uses Flash.  It would be unlikely that you could simply upgrade the Flash parts to meet modern standards, and would most likely need to look at a total redesign.  On a positive this will likely yield very positive outcomes for you, and will make your business look less like a tribute to what the internet looked like in 1996.  If you consider that most people haven’t actually been seeing your website properly for the past year, there is a strong possibility that a re-developed site will have a quick return on investment for you.

So, we think the launch of the latest Marvel FLASH TV show is a great time to do the right thing, and remove Flash from your website, and let him get on with what he’s good at….catching baddies.

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