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Make Us Visible – Design Award

April 10th 2018

It’s always nice to receive recognition for your work, but even nicer when the recognition comes from your peers.  The team at Heart Internet, the UK’s largest hosting reseller, have voted our recent project for Cartmel Village as website of the month.

We thought this might be a good opportunity to give our customers a little insight into our design and build process.

Stage 1 – Design

Every website we build is done so from a blank canvas.  We don’t use templates…… in fact we dislike templates.  We don’t believe that your business should need to fit around the structure of an off-the-shelf template.  Actually, we believe just the opposite; your website should fit around your business and how you want to present it online.

Once we have created an initial draft, we share this with the client.  Depending on the client’s feedback we will then either re-draft, make changes, or proceed to stage 2.

Analogy – The design stage is a little like your architect showing you a plan for what your finished house is going to look like.  It’s important to be happy before you give the OK.

Stage 2 – Coding HTML

Once designs are approved we can begin building your website.  This is the most complex stage of the process and involves hundreds or thousands of lines of code.  Some of the steps involved here include;

  • Coding your website into HTML
  • Determine how your website is going to function at different screen sizes
  • Ensure the site has consistent style sheets for fonts and colours
  • Testing the layout

To complete this stage, we undertake extensive testing, and the designer and coder work closely to ensure that the site is looking just as good as the approved design.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 16.58.58

Stage 3 – Code The CMS

It’s important that once your site is completed, it can easily be edited now or in the future.  That may mean adding products, or images, or changing your prices and contact details.

In order to achieve this, we have to code your design onto a CMS.  We use 2 CMS systems.  For standard content-based websites and small selling websites, we use WordPress.  For larger e-commerce websites we use Magento.  Regardless of the platform, we ensure that site we handover can easily be edited by the customer.

Stage 4 – Done & Dusted

Depending on the client’s existing website, we always go through a careful go-live process. This includes getting Google Analytics up and running, improving the Google My Business listing, and providing any needed training on managing the site.

At the start of a project, we will discuss timeframes with you.  The timeframe is impacted mostly by design, and how many revisions of the design are needed.  As a very rough benchmark, we like to have around 8 weeks for a standard WordPress website and around 12 weeks for larger e-commerce websites.

Every business has its differences, which is why we believe every website should be unique.  Our focus is always on strong calls-to-action, to ensure that your website generates sales or leads, as well as presenting you in a professional and attractive way.  Once your website is live, we are here to help you drive traffic to it, and generate sales or leads.  We always encourage our clients to keep their websites fresh, and updated, which is something we can help with.

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