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MakeUsAWebsite Become Certified Google Partners

April 7th 2014

MakeUsAWebsite Limited ( is pleased to announce that they have been awarded with Google Partner status. The company has been working towards the recognition since Q3 2013, and received official notification on the 4th April 2014.
Google’s Official Partner program is operated in order to endorse certain agencies who demonstrate advanced knowledge by passing certifications, and who deliver high-quality results by passing best practice benchmarks. Agencies must also attain a high level of advertising revenue across their managed accounts.
Director, David Hamer noted “The Google Partner program has been in existence for several years, but was changed significantly in 2013 in order to raise the standards. We decided to undertake the program both for the benefit of our customers, and to gain access to the wealth of information and resources that Google offers to certified partners”.

 Google offers partners an improved level of support, as well as giving early access to new advertising features. “Google’s metrics have changed significantly over the past 18 months, meaning an increased reliance on quality of content, and meeting the ever changing guidelines which Google sets. By working with client’s to meet the official guidelines, we can ensure the best possible return on investment”.

 Internet advertising in the UK grew by around 14% in 2013, and is expected to grow a further 10% in 2014, according to the Advertising Association. “Compared to other forms of advertising such as Billboard and Radio, both of which have declined, online advertising continues to grow year on year, and offers a much more methodical approach to targeting potential customers”.
 As well as assisting clients with digital marketing work, MakeUsAWebsite provide a range of website design and development services, and social media marketing. Based in Cark-In-Cartmel, Cumbria, the company works with local businesses, as well as companies throughout the UK and further afield.  


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