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Trading With COVID-19 – Part 1 – Being Web Ready

April 3rd 2020

We are sure by now that you’re finding ways to cope during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is a worrying time for any business and no doubt you’re wondering “how does my business bounce back from this?”.

When all the madness is over you might want your business to pick up where it left off, and that’s brilliant. But now is the time to take this opportunity for a new beginning to really drive and push the online audience your business deserves. In this post, we look at how focusing on your website’s optimisation could ensure that as the situation improves, your website can hit the ground running.

Now is a great time to focus on your website. How has it performed over the past year? Is it engaging with visitors and highlighting key calls to action? Has it generated the right volume of visitors and sales?

Think about your conversion rate. Keep in mind the important statistic that if your website converts at half that of your competitors, you will need to double their marketing budget.

Have you heard of Amazon’s $300 million dollar button?

Here’s the story, in 2009 the way we perceive website visitors was reinvented. Amazon made a minor design change, and merged two fields into one button, and named it “Continue”. This caused the increase of Amazon’s revenue by 45% in the first month which was the extra $15 million that turned into $300 million in a year. This is all because the creators of the website believed that their customers should “register” before checking out of their site. By adding a simple ‘continue’ button this allowed the consumer to checkout much faster.

The results were astounding, and demonstrated that consumers like quick, easy to use websites, with no barriers to conversion.

Test your website on multiple platforms!

If you test your own website using only your preferred browser, it can be easy to forget that not all browsers work the same way.

While most modern browsers are similar, they’re coded differently and have varied feature sets. Because of this, it could mean that one website won’t always look or act the same across different browsers or even different screen sizes.

You want to show your business off in the best possible light and that’s why it’s important to test across multiple browsers.

Any form of marketing costs either time, or money. It’s crucial that your website does not present the consumer with any barriers which might hinder the conversion rate, and undo your time, and waste your money.

As many businesses are currently in a quiet period, now is the time to test and to optimise your website for conversions. As we move away from COVID-19, having a website which converts well will leave you in the strongest position possible.

We can’t promise that moving a button on your site will improve your sales by $300m, but we can help to ensure that your website is optimised for your target audience.

Get in touch for a free audit.

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