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How To Make Your Website Convert Better

November 2nd 2015

When we talk about the conversion rate of a website we are referring to the number of sales or leads that are generated directly from visitors. If you are exclusively an online business your profits depend entirely on the effectiveness of your site’s ability to convert.  It is easy to jump to conclusions that you have to make large changes to your site to increase its capacity to convert, however this is not the case.  If your site is relatively new try these five simple tweaks that you can put into practice now, which will not only help your conversions, but can also impact your SEO.

Add A Call To Action To Every Page

Often visits to sites do not convert simply because customers can’t find out how to buy or contact you quickly enough.  If your website is difficult to navigate you will lose potential customers who will go and find a much easier site to use.  A simple solution to this issue is to add a call to action on each page.  A call to action could be an enquiry form to fill in, a shop now button or anything that gets the customer to spend money, make a booking or get in touch.

Put Your Phone Number On The Home Page

This seems pretty obvious but it is important that you put your phone number on your homepage so that it can be found easily.  Many people like to be able to phone you up directly and ask for advice rather than search your website for the answer.

Put Your Opening Times Up

This is particularly important if customers visit your premises such as a cafe, restaurant or shop.  Putting up your opening times lets customers know when they can phone you and can confidently visit your restaurant without worrying about the kitchen closing.

Connect To Facebook And Twitter

If you add links to products on your Facebook page you will find that some clicks convert to sales.  Social media is a great way to increase your presence on the internet and ensure that you are appealing to people who are interested in your products.  A great Tweet can be shared thousands of times and will encourage people to visit your site.

Make What You Are Trying To Sell Obvious

Many sites fail to convert simply because customers don’t know what service is being provided and what exactly they will be spending their money on.  It is vitally important that you can provide concise details and a brief outline of the package they will be signing into.  In depth details can be given after they have booked you.

Finally if your website is not mobile friendly or responsive your chances of being able to convert visits to sales is decreased greatly. Non responsive websites are penalised by Google in searches and are often difficult to look at and use.  

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