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Our clients at Challenger Group, had an existing site which had been in place for several years.  The site was non-responsive, meaning that it did not function well on mobile and tablet devices.  Whilst the old site was solid and had performed well over the years, it was time for a refresh, and we took the existing site and completely revamped the way customers navigate to the key sections.


Website Design

The website needed to be crisp, and clear, whilst still showcasing the photographs of engineering equipment in an exciting way.  We opted for a graphite look, with an effect that could then be overlaid onto the product images, giving the whole site a metallic feel.

As with all our websites, with this engineering website design project we wanted the site to have really good calls to action, so that at any point on the site, a potential customer is only ever a couple of clicks away from getting in touch.  The nature of the services means that dialogue is needed between Challenger group and their clients in order to provide accurate prices, and so it was important this came across well on the site.

Due to the dynamic nature of Challenger Group’s work, we also felt it important that if a customer could not find exactly what they wanted quickly, they would still be encouraged to make contact with their bespoke requirements.


Digital Marketing

Having had a site in place for many years, it was crucial that the switchover to the new site was made as seamlessly as possible, so not to confuse site visitors, and to ensure that excellent rankings on Google were maintained.

The customer also had a separate website which had been acquired as part of a company takeover.  Relevant redirections were setup to take customers from the old site, to the new one, meaning that all customers were seeing the updated design and information.

After go live we monitored the site closely, via Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, to ensure that Google was indexing the new site properly, and that no traffic was being lost in the process.  From an SEO perspective we also ensured that the company blog and news section became more prominent.    The news had been updated on a regular basis over the past year, and long tail keyword traffic has grown, so it was crucial that this traffic was retained.


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