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The client came to us with concerns about their online branding.  They appeared to have no local presence, no social media enquiries, and very few new customers coming from online.  Over a period of three years, we have worked with the practice, in order to improve their online presence, their social media appearance, and increase the number of enquiries from online clients.  We took over management of the client’s social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and also management of their website.

At the start of the campaign we looked closely at the client’s website, and how it was performing on Google, and how it was performing when people visited it.  This involved us looking closely at how long people stayed on pages of the site, if they were able to find what they needed, and what percentage went on to make contact.

We performed a full review of the clients PPC Adwords marketing campaigns, and created a new campaign proposal. In addition we looked at the client’s logo and branding, in order to allow them to improve the offline and online appearance.


Website Optimisation

Our initial analysis concluded that the site was not converting at an acceptable rate.  We considered an industry benchmark of 1% – 2% as being acceptable, but found the site to be converting at less than 0.5%.  With this in mind we looked at what changes could be made to generate more enquires

Our statistics showed that around 75% of people visiting the website were doing so on a mobile device (phone or tablet).  The site did not function well on a mobile device, so our conclusion was that producing a new mobile friendly site was going to be the best way forward.

We used our data to ensure the new site was designed with conversions in mind.  We project managed the design and development of the new site, and ensured that the important information from the old site was migrated over.

Building Visitor Numbers

Following the launch of their new website, we were able to setup a number of targeted campaigns around the services the practices offer.  The client had some niche offerings such as the Pinhole Technique, and Teeth Whitening, which we felt we could push to target audiences.  We went about creating campaigns which ensured;

  • The client would be found online for the specific services
  • Visitors to the site were stored in re-marketing groups to re-advertise to
  • Text was copywritten to read as informative sales text
  • Attractive banner designs were created for online advertising


The Results

The results we have achieved have allowed the client to increase their customer numbers, add new services to their practice, and gain a regular stream of new client enquiries via their website and social media.  In summary we…..

  • Increased website visitors by 56% month on month
  • Created an Adwords campaign which generates a 3% inquiry rate
  • Generate between 5 and 10 enquiries from social media per month

The client is now in a position of having a consistent set of branding across their practices, their website and social media, giving them excellent brand awareness in the Essex area.  We also ensure that ‘every visit counts’ by using re-marketing…where when a customer visits the site, they continue to see carefully designed and placed adverts following them online, such as on Facebook and Google.

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