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Dental Website
Dental Branding

We wanted to produce something clean, clear and crisp… like a shiny pearly white!  The logo we designed had a colour pallet which is well matched to dentistry, and a crisp clear design that appears well on both the website, and offline advertising.  Having worked with dental practices digital marketing previously, we had a good understanding of the client requirements to hit the ground running.

When we design a logo, we are always thinking ahead to how well it will work alongside the website, and without blowing our own trumpet we think we got it spot on.


Simply Teeth’s website is a slightly out-of-the-ordinary ecommerce site.  Firstly it required the products migrating from an old website.  Secondly it required some bespoke functionality coding…. such as special rules for prescription medication,  low stock notifications, email subscriptions, and complex Google Shopping rules and feeds.

The website we created is easy to use, has a bounce rate of below 35%, a conversion rate of over 10% (yes 10%), and is easily manageable from an admin perspective.

We continue to work with the customer closely, to manage, and improve the site and make Simply Teeth the premiere dental website.

Digital Marketing

Alongside the launch of the new website, we promoted the brand using google advertising (Google Adwords), social media and SEO.  By the time the site had been live for a month, transactions were up 90% and revenue had doubled.  The chart shows the daily revenue before and after the new responsive website was launched.

Included in the google advertising campaign were remarketing and google shopping which both proved very successful and opened up the clients market considerably to two new revenue and advertising streams.  We used google analytics to monitor customer behaviour on the website, this enabled us to make immediate improvements to the site enhancing the customer journey.

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