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Men’s Fashion Website

Stand-Out are a men’s fashion store located on the outskirts of London.  Having had their existing site for many years, Stand-Out recognised that it was time to move to a new site, which would offer a better experience for mobile and tablet customers.

Initial analysis of their traffic enabled us to establish an estimated ROI, and what level of improved sales the site could expect by becoming mobile friendly.

Website Design

The website features some quite complex functionality.  The layered navigation feature allows customers to browse stock by several methods…. for example, they can view a set of Shirts, and then narrow their search down by colour or price range.  This makes it easy for the customer to get where they want to be, fast!

We designed the site to offer many routes to products… by price, by brand, or by product type.  We also ensured that the hi-resolution product images are displayed at a retina size, so they are crisp, clean and sharp on mobile and tablet screens.  We did the same with icons, and made sure that every icon we created, was done at multiple sizes so that the site would load fast, and display the best clarity regardless of the users screen or device type.

We put a great deal of focus on ensuring the site gives buyer confidence.  This was done via appropriate FAQ positioning, bespoke size charts, detailed return information and live stock reporting.  We allowed the customer to provide as much feedback as they wished during the design of the site, and offered unlimited revisions in order to achieve their desired look.

Digital Marketing

Many moons ago, SEO was about building links, and creating search engine friendly text.  With Stand-Out our strategy was devised to encourage natural shares and mentions though quality content.  A monthly plan was created which included Twitter, Facebook, link prospecting, blog posts and maintaining a well structured on-site SEO policy.  The plan also included monthly monitoring of Google Analytics in order to react to changing trends, and create content based on demand.

We have also created a complex Google Adwords campaign, which is based on the website’s product feed.  This allows us to feed the product database and stock directly into a Google Adwords account, and enables us to display products based on their margins, popularity, brand or various other product information.  Having access to a live product feed allows an Adwords campaign to be optimised on a live basis.

Close monitoring was done to ensure the sales were meeting advertising targets.  Detailed monthly reports were provided to the client in order to demonstrate which products and brands were best performing, allowing the campaign to be tweaked and improved.

Our plan also involved the creation and promotion of infographics, such as the one to the right.  Images are proven to receive more shares, and more clicks on social media, and this method was used in order to improve brand awareness and encourage natural shares.  Graphic design time was included in the plan, and we have worked within the framework of the brand’s colour scheme, target market and style.

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