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Pharmacy Marketing Strategy

Make Us visible were commissioned to create an online pharmacy marketing strategy for a pharmaceutical start-up, Simply Meds Online.  The company founders had a number of online e-commerce stores, and wanted to expand their portfolio with this new pharmacy business.

Make Us Visible were asked initially to undertake market research to establish how fast we could take the brand from inception to fruition using a variety of business advertising techniques.   Our initial research revolved around Google Adwords, and estimating a number of visits we could gain for the site, an anticipated cost per click, and a realistic cost per acquisition.

Our team managed the target cost per conversion based on the different medications, and full competitor analysis.  Our team advised in an ongoing basis on sale price, in order to be both profitable and competitive.  We were able to give the client some estimates and time-scales based on these figures.


Prior to launch we created a campaign structure that would mirror the categorisation of the website as closely as possible.  As the business was selling pharmaceutical products, there are strict guidelines to follow in terms of how products can be advertised.  We worked closely with the governing body’s’ guidelines, to ensure that all regulations were being adhered to.  We also ensured that the site gained a certification exception from Google to allow advertising of their products.

We also produced the text for each and every product, and category on the site.  This text was positioned with SEO in mind, to ensure that the site gained as much organic traffic as possible from day 1.  We also setup conversion tracking on the site, and registered with Google My Business & Analytics, so that spend could be accurately tracked against performance, and we could adjust the online marketing strategy accordingly.

Within the first couple of months, we were able to achieve conversion rates of up to 12%, and a sub 50% bounce rate.


After the initial launch month we were able to make significant changes to the campaign in order to reduce the cost per click, and improve the campaign in general.  This was achieved by on-site changes to text and images, adjusting ad-text, using time of day bid adjustments, demographic targeting, detailed keyword research, and adjusting budgets towards better performing keywords.

Most importantly after month 1, the client was seeing a return, which by far outweighed their monthly spend. We continued to make changes to the site’s landing pages, introduce new product text, and optimise keywords in order to improve the performance month on month.

As well as Organic Search and Adwords, we put in place a mailing campaign strategy and affiliate scheme, which also helped to boost traffic and sales significantly.


After Year 2

Make Us Visible were in sole charge of the marketing of the website.  After a year the site had generated a 7 figure turnover from Google Adwords and organic Google Search alone.  Monthly organic Google traffic had gone from 0 to over 15,000 visits per month, thanks to Make Us Visible’s SEO efforts.  Adwords return was significant with a conversion rate of over 10%, and up to 15% on some campaigns. After the second year organic traffic had risen by a further 200%, with new revenue streams introduced via significant email marketing campaigns and affiliate marketing.

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