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Tee-co.com Urban Fashion Store


Our client was a bold new startup, selling urban fashion t-shirts with a difference.  Having built strong relationships with a number of young artists, the website was going to act not only as a sales platform, but also as a way or artists to get involved, and develop their artwork onto Tee-Co’s own brand T-Shirts.

Make Us A Website developed not only the website, but the branding and logo.  We also worked closely with our client to ensure their labels and offline materials were printed to a high standard using the logos we had produced.

make us a brand


The branding for this product was crucial.  Our client needed something crisp, urban, modern and eye catching.  We elected for bold colours of red, black and white.  These colours were then used through the website navigation, to ensure brand consistancy and appeal.

make us a website


Given the target audience, it was critical the site worked as well on mobile and tablet as it did on desktop computers.  Each page of the site was designed from the ground up, and particular focus was put on the product pages and the category pages.  The process of taking customers from browsing to buying was studied in detail during brain-storming, and the resulting site was able to transition users to the checkout with ease.

make us visible

The site needed to perform well on Google search, but most importantly on Social Media.  Social was considered the ideal platform to promote the products, especially via the artists who had produced the artwork.  Time was spent in developing a social strategy which would get the products shared online, and allow for steady organic growth.

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