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Tradesman Website Design

Having been established as a local tradesman for many years, our client did not however have a website.  We discussed the project in detail, and explained that most tradesman websites are focused on ease of use on mobiles, as most potential customers will be using mobile phones at the time they visit the website.

Our client had some existing branding in place which is used on vehicles, which we re-created for the website as original artwork files were not available.

Website Design

We initially worked on 3 versions of the site design, until we found a version which the client felt would work well for their potential customers.  With this tradesman website design project it was important to understand the type of people using the site, so that the relevant services each had their own page, and would have the best possible chance of generating an inquiry.

We also talked about the future of the business, and how that in the next year they may which to add more services to their offering.  We made sure that should the business wish to expand, it was easy to add new sections to the site.

The site was coded to look quite different on mobiles to how it looks on desktops.  We felt it important that mobile users could read the information they needed extremely quickly, without needing to browse around the site too much.

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