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We work with all types of client from around the UK and beyond. From corporate clients to small one-person startups, we deal with all our customers in the same professional manner.

All our work is subject to unlimited redesigns, and no website goes live until the customer is 100% happy. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Aircon Installer

Commerce Provider

Our brief was to replace a site now over 10 years old, with a modern crisp design which would reflect the nature of professionalism of the business.

We initially worked with the customer to understand their products and service, and to understand the types of customer they have.  From this we created a navigational structure for the site, which would allow users to get to the point of interest within just a couple of clicks.

We also focused on lead generation, so that site visitors can quickly and easily make an enquiry via lead gen forms.

Fairweather Oak

Modern & Traditional

In a digitally driven world, it is rare to come across a business using traditional (and ancient) techniques to manufacturer and build by hand.  When Fairweather Oak approached us, it was clear that they wanted to embrace technology, but without compromising their traditional ethos.

During the design of the site we considered the type of projects which Fairweather Oak work on, as well as the categories of customers they have.  We created a design which reflects their services in a simple and easy to navigate way, and offers several easy to use calls to action.  In addition to the site, we ensured that they had a correctly configured Google My Business listing, which was validated and connected to the site.  We also setup Google Analytics so that each visit is correctly tracked, as well as Google Search Console, so that any potential changes or improvements to the site are quickly identified.

Scissor Sisters Hair Salon

Modern & Vibrant Hair Salon

We created a number of design drafts, in order to pitch the right design to our client. The final version was designed mobile first, because we felt most potential customers would be looking on mobile devices rather than a desktop or laptop.

It was important that the website clearly explained opening times and prices, as well as being easy to use. The design we produced is amongst our favourites, as it’s clear method of navigation, jaw dropping mega menu, and has been extremely well received by our client’s customers.  The website has the ability to easily edit prices, opening times and images.  On mobile devices there are clear calls to action and click-to-call functionality.

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