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We work with all types of client from around the UK and beyond. From corporate clients to small one-person startups, we deal with all our customers in the same professional manner.

All our work is subject to unlimited redesigns, and no website goes live until the customer is 100% happy. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

Wood Importer


We were asked to create a website for a long established wood importation business.  The business is several decades old, but currently had no website.

CSI Specialities import Siberian Green Oak, which is used predominantly by the construction industry in the UK.  With this project, the imagery was key, to show the product source in Russia.  Our client had commissioned a photographer at their Russian sawmill, which has resulted in some outstanding imagery to lift the website.

The site was built from blank-canvas, with a WordPress content management back-end.  Our client can easily change text, and images as and when required.

Cartmel Village

Commercial Village Website

We were approached by a local organisation ‘Cartmel Traders’, to produce a website which would present the commercial activity of the village to prospective visitors.

Our remit was to produce a mobile-friendly site, which would showcase the businesses in the village; including the eateries, shops and event providers.  We worked with around 40 businesses to produce a design which was in keeping with the aspirational qualities of the village, whilst maintaining elements of medieval history evident in the villages 800-year-old Priory.


A New Brand Of Toothbrush

DENTII is an innovative new brand of toothbrushed, currently in Kickstarter phase. Our client has created and patented technology which is designed to revolutionise the way people brush their teeth.

Make Us Visible were asked to develop a new website for the brand, which would work in conjunction with a launch campaign via Facebook, Kickstarter and Adwords. The primary focus of the phase 1 site was to explain the concept, develop the brand, and provide a call-to-action of adding users into a MailChimp mailing list.

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