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Our websites are developed from the ground up. We don't use templates, our work is bespoke for your project.

Here is a selection of our websites, covering a variety of company sizes and sectors.

Consultancy Website Design

Cumbrian Consultancy Web Design Project

Our clients at Pinna provide consultancy to companies in and around Cumbria.  Coming from a large corporate and banking background, the Pinna managers were conscious that the message the site delivered needed to be targeted towards their main sectors of Solicitors, Accountants and SMEs.

The business focuses on encouraging behavioural change within organisations, and whilst a complex topic, the message needed to be delivered in a clear concise way.

The team at Make Us A Website worked on the website from the ground up, creating a mobile friendly and content managed site, which can easily be added to over time.  The site includes a blog, for fast and easy addition of news items.  We also worked with the client to find suitable stock photography, and create simple diagrams to deliver their message.

The entire project involved graphic design, branding, web design, copywriting, web development and training.

British Engineering

Manufacturing Company Website

We have worked with The Challenger Group for some time, with their digital marketing and keeping their old website updated.  However, since Google’s responsive update, their old site needed a refresh, and needed to perform better on mobile and tablet devices, where they have experienced quite poor performance in the past.  The new site was focused on getting the customer to the right information in as few clicks as possible, and presenting information about the companies’ services in a concise and attractive way.

The website was designed from the ground up, and we were able to work with the old site’s images in order to produce an attractive layout.  We think the bolt steel colour scheme, along with red, reflects the company’s brand well, and the industry.  It was a pleasure to work with Challenger on the site, and we are excited to see how it performs compared to the old one.

Encore Diamond

E-Commerce Industrial Site

Our client manufacturers high grade diamond drills, for commercial and industrial application.  The kind of drills that cut through 6 inch concrete, not the kind you buy from B&Q.  The client had a very specific set of branding in place, in the form of an offline catalogue and logo, which was also used across vehicles.

Work worked closely with the client, and their previous branding designer, to design a website which matches their brand as well as their clientele.  The client had some very specific requirements, such as wanting to exclude certain countries from pricing information.

The client’s product database is quite extensive, so we also composed a workable solution for them to easily upload products long term, and to be able to manage them from the back-end of the site.  This involved us providing training and consultancy during the early days of the site going live.

In particular we enjoyed working on the Mega-Menu and brainstorming what would be the easiest way for visitors to navigate the products, and get to what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

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