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Digital Marketing Cumbria


Launching your new website is a great way to kick-start the online side of your business.  Driving traffic to your site by digital marketing is the next step to a regular income stream from it.  Everyone’s surfing habits have massively changed and evolved over the past few years, which means that there are now more opportunities than ever to market your product or services to potential customers online.

Why Digital Marketing Cumbria?

A: Whilst we are based in a relatively rural part of Cumbria, our overheads are generally lower than those operating a marketing business from a larger city. This means we can pass the savings onto you, our customers, regardless of where in the country you are.

Q: What Is Digital Marketing All About?

A: Having a great website is massively important in creating the right impression.  However, until you have visitors it is effectively like an empty shop with no customers.  Digital Marketing will help get potential customers through your virtual door.  there are many avenues of digital marketing, and every project is different.


It’s instant.  Flash some cash on an Adwords campaign, and traffic will flood to your site.  OK, there is some work involved, and as your campaign grows that work becomes quite involved, which is where we can help.  We can make sure that every pound you spend with Google is well spent, and has the chance of bringing you revenue.  The sky really is the limit with Adwords, which is why many companies choose it as there preferred method of generating quick and instant traffic.  We are Google Partners, and we can manage your entire campaign, from setup, to monitoring and improvements.  Read more….

Social Media & SEO

If you don’t know about the power of Social Media you have probably just arrived from the planet Zob.  No matter what line of business you are in, your target audience are people.  Your customers use Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter every day, sometimes every hour of every day, which is why your business needs to be exposed to as many social media channels as possible.

We create complex social media plans for varying business types.  In fact, this comprises a big portion of most of our SEO work.

All of our clients have unique businesses…. no two are ever the same.  Thats why every one of our campaigns are designed specifically, and tailored to the business and clients.  Quality content is key to website traffic, and that’s why quality content is at the heart of our digital marketing campaigns, whether it be in the form of articles, infographics, or social media posts.  Read more…

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

In the online world, nothing has changed more over the past few years than SEO.  In by-gone-years SEO involved repeating the same word a few dozen times, and getting some half-baked directories to link to your site.  This effectively meant that the websites who employed the most spammy techniques would often rank the highest.  Things have now changed for the better, and what was once a black art has now become much more about quality rather than quantity.

Every SEO campaign is different, because every website and every business is different.  Read more….

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