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Web Design is all about trying to build a site, that will take your customers on a journey; from landing on your website, to informing them about your products and services, right through to making a sale or generating an inquiry.  Our approach to website design is quite different to many other agencies,  We work on the principle of unlimited designs to your satisfaction, working very closely with you during the design stage to ensure that the end product is matched to your target customers.

During the design stage we provide you with full drafts, so that you can see your website taking shape.  We encourage you to give us as much feedback as possible, so that your design can be altered until you are totally happy.

Shop Window

Your website is a shop window to the world.  No matter if you are selling online, or promoting your offline services, your website will most likely be the first place your customers come to find out about you.  We know how important your website is to you, and we know that without a good website, we probably won’t retain your custom for long!  That’s why we take pride in our work, and want to work with you during and well beyond the launch of your new site.

Responsive Website Design

When we design websites, we are not just thinking about one screen size.  we are thinking about how the site will change and for different sizes of screen.  With more than 50% of Google search now taking place on mobile phones, it doesn’t take a genius to understand how important it is to have a site that works well on-the-go.  We will ensure your site works on mobiles, tablets, desktops and allows users to easily interact with your site, no matter whether they are sat at home, office or on the move.

Easy To Edit

The life cycle of your site doesn’t end when it goes live.  All the sites we produce can be easily edited by you or your team, including text, images and menus.  Google loves to see websites that grow, and improve, which is why we think it is important to give you the training needed to keep your site running smoothly, and keep adding content to it.  We think the back-end of your site is just as important as the front, and great care goes into designing a back-end which fits your requirements.

Our Work

Want to see more of our work? Take a look at our portfolio which details some of our recent projects.

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