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Bespoke Website Design


For most of our projects we use either a WordPress or Magento system, depending on if your site is e-Commerce or promotional.  For some projects however the nature of the site means we have to employ more bespoke website design techniques in order to deliver your requirements.

We generally refer to websites as having a front end, and a back-end.

Front End

This is what your customer sees.  You are looking at the front-end of our website right now. How the front-end of your website looks is determined by a combination of our design work, and coding.

Back End

This is where you add your text, and images.  When we are coding your site we make the back-end as simple as we can so that you can place whatever content you want, and then it fits around our design.

Magento & WordPress are back-end solutions which work well in 99% of situations.  However, occasionally a customers comes to us and we make the decision that we need to code a very bespoke back-end due to the nature of their requirements.

We build all of our sites using a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP as well as other scripting languages.  Our coding team are PHP certified, which means they understand best practice standards, and write clean code.

We generally make the decision for you as to whether your website should use a Magento or WordPress platform.  If you are not sure, get in touch by filling in the form below and we’ll talk it through with you.

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