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E-Commerce Websites


If you want to sell online you are going to be needing an e-Commerce website.  To give you a couple of examples;  if you are selling T-Shirts, watches, jeans, computers, blue widgets or cuddly toys, or anything else which you are going to let your customers order via your website, you are going to need an e-Commerce site.  If you are promoting your window cleaning business, your lift installation business, your cleaning company or your awesome band, you are NOT going to need an e-Commerce site.  Basically, if you’re not sure ask us.

eCommerce Website Design

We build two different types of eCommerce websites.  If you have a site selling potentially hundreds or thousands of products, we will use a platform called Magento.  It’s feature rich and generally incredible.  It can handle your stock, your order notifications, your checkout, customer retention, complex product types, mailing lists, tax rules, and pretty much everything you will most likely need.  If it doesn’t do what you need it to do; we can make it do it.  Furthermore we can design it from the ground up to look exactly how you want it to look.

For smaller websites selling just a few products we generally use WordPress.  Again, its dead simple to manage from your end, and we can design it to look however we want it to look, and do whatever you need it to do.

Over the past year we have done some pretty awesome stuff for our customers;

We integrated with Royal Mail’s systems so we could generate and upload daily manifests of stock being sent out.

We setup automated emails to people who added to cart, but didn’t checkout, enticing them back with vouchers

We integrated with eBay so that stock is automatically uploaded on a daily and weekly basis, and orders are downloaded to the site

We made a site which has special price rules for certain countries

We created the most complex checkout rules known to man, which involved pallet delivery, credit/debit card rules and post code restrictions combined

So if you need something incredible doing with an e-Commerce site, or you are starting from scratch, get in touch….we can do it.


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